Honey Sweetened Lemon Curd (dairy-free)

This dairy-free and honey sweetened lemon curd uses whole eggs, meaning you’re not stuck with a load of egg whites! When organic lemons are on…

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My Other Recipes from Around the Web 2

Here are some of the recipes I’ve contributed to the other sites I write for: Henry Happened and Food Fanatic. I’m a bit late with…

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Smashed Potatoes with Pecorino Romano Gremolata

These smashed potatoes with Pecorino Romano gremolata are probably the best potatoes you’ll ever have! I saw these smashed potatoes on Pinterest about a year…

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Chocolate Coconut Granola (gluten-free, whole grain, dairy-free)

Sweetened with honey and coconut sugar, this naturally gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate coconut granola is a much tastier and healthier alternative than the store bought…

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Raspberry Coconut Smoothie (dairy-free, vegan)

This healthy and naturally sweetened raspberry coconut smoothie is dairy-free and vegan with the help of some coconut milk! I’m all about smoothies right now.…

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100% Whole Grain Pancake Mix

This 100% whole grain pancake mix doesn’t have that typical whole grain taste and the pancakes, which only take a few minutes to whip up,…

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Blueberry Lemon Ginger Scones (100% whole wheat)

These 100% whole wheat blueberry lemon ginger scones are easily adaptable to suit your taste! Instead of bringing you a decadent dessert for New Year’s…

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Cranberry Orange Avocado Smoothie (dairy-free, vegan)

This cranberry orange avocado smoothie is naturally sweetened with banana and can be made dairy-free and vegan! I hope you all had a great Christmas!…

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Soft Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies

Soft and brownie-like, these chocolate mint sandwich cookies are sure to be a hit at any Christmas party! I seem to be a little obsessed…

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Baci di Dama Italian Cookies (gluten-free or whole wheat)

Baci di dama are a type of gluten-free hazelnut cookie originally from the Piedmont area of Italy. Two sand-like cookies are sandwiched together with chocolate…

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Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (100% whole wheat)

Super soft and chewy, these whole wheat chocolate peanut butter cup cookies are packed with peanut butter flavor! It’s the last giveaway of Giveaway Week!…

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