Recipes with Frangelico

a martini glass full of Frangelico espresso martini with a bottle of Frangelico liqueur in the background and a small tree and twinkling lights

Frangelico Espresso Martini

This Frangelico espresso martini is a hazelnut twist on a classic espresso martini. It’s aromatic and delicately sweet, made with espresso, Kahlua, and hazelnut liqueur…

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Gluten-free Chocolate Lava Cake (dairy-free, whole grain options)

This gluten-free chocolate molten lava cake recipe makes just enough for two! Can be made with all-purpose flour or whole wheat if a gluten-free version…

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Baci di Dama Italian Cookies (gluten-free, whole wheat options)

Baci di dama are a type of gluten-free hazelnut cookie originally from the Piedmont area of Italy. Two sand-like cookies are sandwiched together with chocolate…

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