Recipes with peaches

image of yellow Peachtree cocktail garnished with peach slices, lime and a sprig of mint

Peachtree Cocktail

This Peachtree cocktail is light, summery, and has a sweet peachy flavor that’s rounded out with a splash of orange and lime juice. It’s also…

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Honey Sweetened Spiced Peach Jam

This lightly honey sweetened spiced peach jam is not only delicious but an excellent way of dealing with an overabundance of peaches! First of all…

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Blueberry Peach Crumble (100% whole grain + gluten-free)

An easily adaptable blueberry peach crumble recipe that’s coincidentally gluten-free and whole grain! Can be made with any fruit that you like. I always knew…

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Fresh Peach Lemonade – Honey Sweetened

This fresh peach lemonade is so refreshing. And I love that it’s honey sweetened! Not only do I somehow feel better about drinking it, but…

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