Bloody Eyeball Brownies (paleo, gluten-free)

These bloody eyeball brownies are frosted with coconut butter frosting and then topped with lychees and strawberry jam. The brownies are paleo, grain-free, gluten-free and…

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Swedish Apple Pie (gluten-free, vegan, whole grain, dairy-free)

This Swedish apple pie is similar to a crisp and is naturally gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and 100% whole grain! Last Monday, I was so excited…

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars (gluten-free, whole grain)

These caramel apple cheesecake bars feature an oatmeal cookie-like crust / topping with a simple caramel glaze! They’re oat-based making them gluten-free and 100% whole…

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Cinnamon Walnut Blondies (whole grain, dairy-free)

These 100% whole grain walnut blondies are a bit gooey, chewy and full of cinnamon! With a dairy-free option. I shared the link to my…

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Upside Down Apple Honey Cake (gluten-free, whole grain options and dairy-free)

Today’s upside down apple honey cake isn’t exactly international but it is maybe a little multicultural! I’ve seen a few recipes for Jewish apple cakes…

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Apple Crumb Tart (gluten-free, whole grain options)

This apple crumb tart is topped with a hefty amount of streusel and has gluten-free and whole grain options. I almost didn’t post this tart…

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No-bake Maple Almond Butter Cookies (vegan, gluten-free, whole grain, dairy-free)

These soft and chewy no-bake maple almond butter cookies only take a few minutes to put together and are full of delicious fall flavors! Naturally…

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french apple cake fi

French Apple Cake (whole grain, dairy-free)

This simple French apple cake is like a crustless pie with a crunchy topping. Can be made 100% whole grain and dairy-free. To kick off…

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