Christmas Morning Punch

This Christmas Morning Punch is delightful and outrageously easy to make. It’s made with 100% fruit juices from cranberries, oranges and pineapples. It’s super easy to put together and makes a perfectly bright citrus punch to start everyone’s day. It’s also easy to make paleo and vegan!

This fruit punch only requires 3 ingredients (4 if using unsweetened cranberry juice), plus some fresh cut fruit making it super simple, yet completely amazing. It serves eigth, but you can easily double or triple the recipe for a bigger batch.

It’s a tradition at my house to have a great tasting punch to wake up to on Christmas morning. Just like this Alcoholic Wassail Recipe, it’s perfect for Christmas!

And this punch is perfect: it’s quick, easy and healthy!

The easiest thing to do during this hectic season is to forget about making drinks, but you can easily serve up this festive drink and let the jubilee begin.


  • Cranberry juice – sweetened or unsweetened. More on this below.

  • 100% orange juice

  • 100% pineapple juice

  • Maple syrup or runny honey – only if you’re using unsweetened cranberry juice. You can use a different sweetener, if you’d like.

  • Garnish – orange slices, cranberries, rosemary

How to make Christmas Morning Punch:

  1. Mix the cold juices in a pitcher or punch bowl.
  2. Add honey or maple syrup if you’re using unsweetened cranberry juice.
  3. Pour into glasses.
  4. Garnish the glass.

That’s it! Super easy and so enchanting!

Sweetened vs. unsweetened cranberry juice

100% cranberry juice can be difficult to find, so there are options to make this punch with the regular stuff with added sugar, like Ocean Spray, and also to make it with 100% cranberry juice.

If you make it with unsweetened cranberry juice, you definitely need to add some sweetener. You can use whatever sweetener that you’d like that you think would pair well with the flavors.

You can use granulated sugar, but I like liquid sweeteners because they’re quicker and easier to dissolve. I recommend maple syrup or runny honey (if you’re not vegan).

If you only have honey that has crystallized, then you need to gently reheat it first so that it’ll combine well with the cold juices.

And if you’re paleo, make sure to use unsweetened cranberry juice and then add maple syrup or honey as your sweetener (instead of granulated sugar).

The taste is fantastic with both maple and honey!


  • It’s better to make sure all of the ingredients are chilled, that way you won’t dilute the taste by adding ice.

  • It’s a great punch to make the night before and store it in the fridge to serve nicely chilled in the morning.

  • Garnishing with fresh cranberries, sliced oranges and a sprig of fresh rosemary just adds the final touch and adds a hint of extra flavor.

  • I also suggest keeping some slices of oranges and cranberries aside to garnish the glass once it’s been poured.

  • If you like it a little chilled, just add an ice cube to the glass, then pour and garnish.

  • This recipe is flexible. You can play to your particular tastes by adding more or less of the different types of fruit juices to get the taste you like.

  • Don’t dilute it with ice. It’s much better full-flavored. If you like, you can add frozen orange slices, fresh cranberries or even pineapple rounds to help keep it nice and chilled throughout your festivities.

  • If ice is the only way to go, add a couple of cubes to the glass rather than the pitcher.

  • Need more? This recipe is easy to double or triple depending on your needs.

Make it Ahead:

If you’re making this punch ahead of time, add the fruit juices together and chill in a container in the fridge.


A good garnish is vital to dress up any cocktail. It adds visual context and elegance.

Fresh cranberries, orange slices and a sprig of rosemary are great to deck out this cheery punch.

But also garnishing each glass adds a jubilant splash, so I highly recommend garnishing both.

I also think fresh mint or thyme works well.

And for a smaller burst of tartness, you can add pomegranate seeds to ring in the holiday cheer.

Spiked Version:

If you’re up for a little Christmas drinking, it’s easy to make an adult version. I guess we should call this Christmas brunch punch then? ;)

To keep the bowl of punch family-friendly, you can add 1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons of rum or vodka to your glass then pour in 2/3 cup of the punch, stir and garnish.

But if you don’t have little ones running around, you can add 1 cup (240ml) of rum or vodka along with the juices.

And for another kid-friendly punch recipe that also uses pineapple juice, try this great Pink Sherbet Punch!

Other Holiday Drinks:

  • This Vegan Hot Chocolate is perfect to start your family Christmas. It’s warm and cozy and will turn out smiles.

  • Or booze it up with this Baileys Hot Chocolate.

  • Or go big with this Instant Pot Hot Chocolate! It’s made for crowds and keeps perfectly warm until guests arrive.

  • If you’re having an intimate Christmas morning, this Banana Orange Avocado Smoothie is a thick and refreshing drink to start your day. And if you like the idea of smoothies in the morning, you can choose from many delicious varieties here!

  • If you have cocktails in mind, this Espresso Martini with Baileys is luscious and will perk up any morning.

  • Or try this White Christmas Cocktail, it’s a super quick and creamy drink with shaved white chocolate that will turn any Christmas into a white one. It can even be made vegan.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thirsty! If you try this Christmas Morning Punch, let me know how it turned out! Just drop a comment below or update your social media with a photo and tag #texanerin so I can be sure to see it! Enjoy your holidays!

Christmas Morning Punch

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Christmas Morning Punch
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Ready in:
  • Yield: eight 2/3 cup servings


  • 2 cups (480ml) cranberry juice, sweetened or unsweetened, cold
  • 2 cups (480ml) 100% orange juice, cold
  • 1 1/2 cups (355ml) 100% pineapple juice, cold
  • ONLY IF using unsweetened cranberry juice: 1/3 cup (80 ml) to 1/2 cup (120ml) maple syrup or runny honey1 or other sweetener
  • garnish: orange slices, cranberries, rosemary


  1. Mix the juices in a pitcher or punch bowl.
  2. If you're using unsweetened cranberry juice, stir in 1/3 cup sweetener.
  3. Taste and add more sweetener, if desired. With 1/3 cup, it's still a bit on the tart side but delicious.
  4. Pour into glasses and garnish.


  1. If your honey has crystallized, reheat gently on the stovetop, in a small pot, so that it will combine well with the cold juices.
  • To make a spiked version, add 1 cup (240ml) rum or vodka along with the juices. Or to keep the bowl of punch family-friendly, you can add 1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons of rum or vodka to your glass then pour in 2/3 cup of the punch, stir and garnish.

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15 comments on “Christmas Morning Punch” — Add one!

  • Shani
    January 2, 2022 @ 2:28 am

    I made this for Christmas and everyone loved it. Not too tart and not too sweet, it was a perfect blend and looked so fancy with a sprig of rosemary! Everyone was impressed. Thanks!

  • Nicoletta says
    December 27, 2021 @ 4:11 am

    This punch sounds easy and looks stunning! Saving the recipe to try soon!

  • Nicole says
    December 27, 2021 @ 3:52 am

    This has all of the flavors of Christmas and its a perfect beverage on Christmas morning.

  • Moop Brown
    December 27, 2021 @ 3:08 am

    This punch seems so festive and refreshing. What a perfect holiday drink everyone will enjoy!

  • GUNJAN C Dudani
    December 27, 2021 @ 12:04 am

    Love the idea of adding fresh cranberries. Makes this punch so beautiful and festive.

  • Jacqueline Debono
    December 26, 2021 @ 7:45 pm

    Loved this Christmas morning punch. We had it along with our Christmas brunch. I added prosecco for the adults!

    • Erin replies to Jacqueline Debono
      December 28, 2021 @ 2:15 pm

      What a great idea! I hope that everyone liked it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Amanda Dixon
    December 26, 2021 @ 5:13 pm

    This was delicious and the perfect sipper for Christmas morning! It was so light and refreshing.

    • Erin replies to Amanda Dixon
      December 28, 2021 @ 2:14 pm

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback. :)

  • Liz
    December 24, 2021 @ 2:13 pm

    This drink sounds so fresh and delicious! Love the color all those juices make together! Will be giving this a try!

  • Linda
    December 24, 2021 @ 6:44 am

    Love all the combo in this drink! It’s so refreshingly good and perfect for Christmas brunch

  • Adriana
    December 22, 2021 @ 6:57 am

    What a lovely refreshing punch with a tropical touch, thanks to the pineapple juice. Perfect for Christmas brunch!

  • Colleen says
    December 22, 2021 @ 12:41 am

    I’m totally making this punch for Christmas morning. It’s so simple but festive and spiking it sounds like a great plan!

  • Marta
    December 21, 2021 @ 5:05 pm

    Made this Christmas morning punch on Sunday for our family brunch and will definitely be making it again on Christmas Day. I’ll be spiking it because screaming kids and early morning hours aren’t my favorite.

    • Erin replies to Marta
      December 28, 2021 @ 2:15 pm

      Haha. I’m happy you enjoyed it and I hope that the spiked version made your morning better! ;)


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